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Advisors Overseas is an education consultancy assisting students who wish to pursue their studies from abroad. It is a one-stop solution for all your educational & immigration needs globally. We are committed to provide high quality service to our clients. Our staff is highly trained and are dedicated professionals who frequently travel to Universities throughout the world leading to The best advice, and success for their clients.

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  • script typetextjavascript function get_style342 () return none function end342_ () document.getElementById(aggravated342).style.display get_style342() scriptI was lucky to find Advisors Overseas. I wanted to go abroad for master program and the knowledge ...

    Pawan Agarwal
    Strathlyde University, UK MBM
  • script typetextjavascript function get_style188 () return none function end188_ () document.getElementById(aggravated188).style.display get_style188() scriptThe overall experience till date has been really satisfying and good. Throughout the process I ha...

    Ramanpreet Kaur Glyndwr University Foundation Degree in Business Management
  • My whole counseling experience with Advisors Overseas has been thoroughly professional and helpful. Right from selecting a University to reaching Bedfordshire Advisors Overseas has been with me constantly throughout the process. Also the Pre-departure Session was very informati...

    Fateh Singh University of Bedfordshire BSc (Hons) Conputer Science